Simple Tips for Starting Your Own Roofing Company

With any new company, there are key functions that must first be solidified prior to building up a clientele. With roofing being among the most doable startups, some educated tips will help you hit the ground running. 

Most individuals believe the only way to start a business is to get a degree in the specified industry. However, this is only a myth that society has indoctrinated us into believing. There are numerous business owners with no collegiate experience who have built a successful business. The business plan tips in this article will equip you with all the necessary tools you need for starting a roofing business.

Simple Tips for Starting Your Own Roofing Company 1

Identify Your Strengths

Identifying and incorporating your company strengths establishes a solid foundation for your business functions. To take it a step further, these strengths will be the driving force that moves your company forward. Playing to your company’s strengths gives your business an identity that employees and clients alike can cling to.

Without establishing the key strengths of your business, your company is a ship without a direction. A company with no direction is as equally unappealing to employees as it is to consumer prospects. Detailing your roofing business strengths to employee and customer prospects gives an impression of credibility and ownership stability.

Identify Your Slogan

Any effective roofing company needs a slogan that catches the customer’s eye. Your slogan should fall in line with the previously identified tip. For example, if your company specializes in roofing replacement, a catchy headline including those services is an effective marketing tactic.

Business Registration

Before you can begin to seek out employees, you must legally register your business. Registering your business as a limited liability company, or LLC is the preferred method due to small business tax benefits. There is plenty of information on various business structures to guide you to the structure registration that suits you.

Employment Identification (EIN) Application

This application is simply a number provided by the IRS for you to use come tax time. You cannot legally proceed with your business until you apply for an EIN. Once approved, you’re ready to move on to the next step of solidifying the foundations of your business.

This process can be almost immediate or take up to 4 weeks depending on how you file. Applying online is the fastest way to get approval, while applications by mail can take up to four weeks or longer. The best part about applying for an Employment Identification Number is that it is at no cost to you or your business. 

Identify Your Team

This simply means, with your business goals in mind, hire the right employees that magnify those company qualities. With your strengths and slogan identified, you now know what to look for in an employee.

The most beneficial aspect of a roofing business is you can run your company on limited employment expenses. This is because your team can consist of as little as 3-4 total employees per crew. This crew usually includes a helper to compliment your 2 or 3 roofing specialists.

The only additional employment necessary outside of your roofing crew is a customer support team. This small group serves as the face of your business’s customer service reception and response. Costs of answering services vary by company necessity but are a must-have in establishing a good rapport in the business sector.

With a consolidated efficient crew, you can establish a good rapport with your customers to generate a consistent clientele. Of course, as this rapport becomes more solidified, your number of crews and employees will expand accordingly with your revenue.

Identify Your Clientele

Determining who to target ultimately determines which customers target you. This is one of the most intricate details of your business makeup. Will your customers consist primarily of residential homes or cater more to other businesses? Zeroing in on your audience will help your company thrive. Furthermore, knowing the personality of your basic client shapes the foundation of what your slogan, team, and strengths will be.

In Conclusion

Starting a business requires ownership vision to drive your company and goals forward. Heeding these basic tips are the basic vision tools needed to run a business. With these basic ideals you can start, run, and maintain any roofing company. It is important for employees and customers alike to see a business owner has a vision for where he wants his company to be. This noticeable vision mentality makes you and your business more attractive to customers.