Simple Ways to Redecorate Your Kitchen

Simple Ways to Redecorate Your Kitchen 1

Spending a lot of time at home might make you want to change something about it and redecorate it a little bit. Considering the current health and economic crisis, it may not be the best time for some big and too demanding moves like refurbishing your whole house or redecorating your living room.

But adding or changing a few details to your kitchen, for instance, does not have to be a capital investment, nor does it require a lot of work and effort, but it can do wonders for the look of your entire home. You definitely spend some time in the kitchen during the day, and it will make you feel better to spend it in a nice and cozy environment. Here are a few simple tips from remodeling experts.

Change the Colors

Colors have so much impact on our mood, as well as on any visual impression. Adding a few new colorful details to your kitchen can completely change its overall look. Try with a three-color palette. Leave most surfaces in the dominant color of your kitchen. Add a few details, like cupboard doors or surfaces, or some additional items in one neutral color that goes well with the dominant color.

On top of that, add a bright, vibrant color which will give life to space and make your kitchen such an enjoyable sight. You can get some kitchen accessories in that color, or paint your stool or chairs. Just a few details will do, and the change will be huge. If you are up for a bit more work, you can also change the tiles, or at least some of them, and add some in the more vibrant and bold colors.

Choose a Focal Point

Just like the bright and vibrant colors pop up when you enter a room, there is also a certain spot in every space that simply catches the eye immediately. Try to find that spot in your kitchen and think if there is something you could change and improve about it. One of the most popular kitchen layouts of the past decade is certainly the kitchen island.

That point is going to decide the first impression on the room, so create it just the way you want it. In addition to the food preparation purpose, the island can serve as a table with chairs and some extravagant accessories, like vases with artificial flower decorations, bowls, baskets, and the likes, as well. Be bold and be creative when designing this “spotlight” of your kitchen.

Open Those Shelves

One of the latest trends in kitchen decoration is having open shelves instead of the cupboards. This is maybe not always so practical, as there are a lot of items in the kitchen which are not exactly for display, but are indispensable and you need to keep them somewhere. So instead of opening or removing your cupboards and thus reducing the storage space, you can simply add some open shelves to an empty wall (given you have one in your kitchen, of course).

You can put some color-matching, memorable items on these shelves to freshen the look of the room. If you do have quite a lot of storage space, and could spare a cupboard or two, try just removing their doors, painting the back wall, or putting a wallpaper, and then adding some beautiful items. You can also paint the cupboard frames. Adding lights under the cupboards will give a whole new dimension to the place. Consult an interior designer and a kitchen contractor if you want more ideas.

You can use all these techniques for quite a radical change in the look of your kitchen, but if it seems too much for you at the moment, applying just one will definitely bring life to this room and make your chores and activities much more enjoyable.

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