Innovative Urban Garden Ideas – Lean To Greenhouses & More

Innovative Urban Garden Ideas - Lean To Greenhouses & More 1

City dwellers who own small living spaces often regret the fact they cannot grow their own food or flowers. But if you are a gardening enthusiast, you can have an amazing green space without worrying about area constraints. As long as you have an open space in your home that gets a bit of direct sun, you can create the most wonderful garden right there. And it need not be in your lawn or backyard- you can even plant your favorites on a concrete slab behind the house, the balcony of your apartment, or the kitchen window. All you need is just a few innovative urban garden ideas or a greenhouse kit, and you can have a garden full of beautiful flowers and healthy herbs and vegetables. Here are some tips to get started.

Invest in pots and planters

Just because you don’t have open space for a garden doesn’t mean you cannot have one. It is as easy as investing in pots and planters and you can create Eden in your balcony or patio with some hard work and a lot of good care for your plants. You may even get started with a galvanized steel tub- just drill some holes in the bottom for drainage, fill it with soil and sow the seeds. Sunshine, fresh air, and daily watering will do the rest. Although you can recycle containers available at home, buying some colorful pots and planters is a good idea if you want to add aesthetic value to this part of the house. And you can have vibrant flowers, tomatoes and salad vegetables or herbs and spices in your little green heaven- the choice is all yours!

Create a vertical garden

Those running really short of space can work on the idea of a vertical garden. As the name implies, you can use vertical wall space to create a tiered green space even in a limited area. Just adding some horizontal fence panels will do the trick as you will have tiers to place small and big containers. Just ensure that the arrangement is sturdy enough to bear the load. If you are really serious about creating a conservatory, you can check a good lean to greenhouse on to make your dream come true, no matter how limited your space is. You can easily find one that is of perfect shape and size to match your requirements. The best part is that it makes gardening easier with dedicated space and consistent temperature that plants need to thrive.

Experiment with hanging planters

Apart from vertical gardening, another good way to make a green zone in small space is by experimenting with hanging planters. You can have hooks installed in the ceiling or have a bar that is capable of holding hanging planters. This idea can make your place look gorgeous, while also providing you with a hefty supply of salad and herbs if you choose the right planting options. And you can wrap some vines around the hanging plants to create a greener ambiance. Just go the extra mile watering your plants regularly and snipping off the extras and you can have the most incredible urban garden in your patio, balcony or backyard.

Trail plants up a fence

Another good idea to add color and drama to your small garden space is by making use of a fence to have some climbing plants and trellises wrapped around it. You can easily create the element of color by painting the fence in a bright shade like pink, yellow or red. Better still, wrap a vine of bright flowers and you are all set to get all the attention for your small garden. Moreover, no one is likely to notice the dimensions of the small space with such attention-grabbing elements in place.

Create a multi-tasking garden

Don’t worry about a tight space, but make sure that you do the best with what you have. Creating a multi-tasking garden is a great idea and it is easy to implement as well. Ideally, small spaces do well with good planning. For example, you may combine elements like a garden wall, a raised flower bed, and a sitting area to have a multi-functional outdoor space. Greenery gives you the shade, comfort and privacy you need while a small sitting arrangement can make it ideal for spending time outdoors.

An urban garden in your small home can be magical and it deserves all the hard work you may have to invest. So go ahead and get started with the ideas you like and you can have the most amazing green space in your house.

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