The Five Pieces That Will Transform Your Garden Into An Oasis

A man’s home is his castle’ and by that logic, our gardens are our personal Edens. 

While we’re spending more time in our homes people have been overcome by the urge to improve their living space. This urge is not new, of course, we’ve all been sucked in by episodes of our favorite DIY and home improvement show. The premise behind these shows is simple enough and the payoff of transforming a space in 45 minutes is uniquely rewarding.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your space and make the environment more hospitable and comfortable to spend time in then this is the time! Pull out those weeds, mow the lawn, throw out the rusty old lawn chair, plant some herbs and open up your space. Once you’ve seen what you’ve got to work with, you’ll be able to unleash your imagination, let your inner design-landscaper go wild, and then make these five purchases to help transform your garden into a perfect oasis.

Swinging Egg Chairs

Infuse your garden with some resort-style luxury, relaxation, and charm by buying a swinging outdoor egg chair. A swinging chair is not only aesthetically pleasing, looking like a sculpture as much as a piece of furniture but they have the same feel as hammocks and for those sitting on them, they can be soothing, relaxing and provide the perfect outdoor reading nook. 

Outdoor Umbrellas

Summers spent in backyards, running through sprinklers, feeling the sun on your bare skin and staying outside until the sunset are the things of childhood memories and these memories are a major contributing factor revealing why we love the outdoors. What we don’t love? Sunburn. Not only is it genuinely harmful to your health with serious sunburns significantly increasing your risk of developing melanoma, but it is extremely painful. One way to avoid getting sunburnt is to have an outdoor umbrella. You’ll want to buy an outdoor umbrella with UV blocking technology to make sure you’re looking out for your health. 

Fire Pits

Even if you enjoy your garden during the summertime when the winter chill comes around the space often becomes forgotten as we stay indoors in order to stay warm. An outdoor firepit is the purchase you need to make your garden the place to be this winter. How many happy memories do you have of nights gathered around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and making ‘smores? There’s a lot to be said about the romance of gathering around a fire, it’s something that people have been doing since time immemorial, equally, there’s a lot to be said for how delicious ‘smores are! There are many aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use fire pits currently available that suit any budget or styling. Check them out here!

Outdoor Lounges

As many of us could tell you, pulling ourselves away from our couches can be, at the best of times it can be tricky at the worst it can be downright impossible! The fact that sitting on the grass can be itchy and uncomfortable often makes our attachment to our couches even stronger. Having an outdoor lounge means that you and your family can spend the time you would usually spend hanging out on the couch together on an outdoor lounge whilst soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air. You can even purchase lounges with weatherproof cushions meaning that you can simply leave them outside and forget about them. 

Outdoor Dining Tables

The Europeans have been doing it for years but al fresco dining is just simply better. The phrase ‘al fresco’ is Italian for ‘in the cool air’ and, come summertime, it is all the rage here. Long lunches on the patio, summer nights spent drinking with friends in the garden – making the most of daylight savings – what could be better than that? Of course, to host these epic al fresco dinner parties you’ll need an outdoor dining table (or you’ll kick yourself for having to drag your kitchen table outdoors.) There are many styles of outdoor dining sets you can choose based on the size of your garden, the aesthetic of your outdoor area, and the amount of seating you’ll require.

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