Tips on How to Use Floral Patterns in Your Latest DIY Project

When you are revamping your room with a DIY project, chances are you are looking to cut down on expenses. In this case, floral patterns and floral wallpapers come out as great alternatives to wall paints and wall colors. Though floral wallpapers have a connection to some of the older houses, they can make any room shine with a breath of fresh air when utilized right.

Not to mention, the current floral wallpapers and the pattern they carry have massively changed from the floral wallpapers we used to see some years back. If you are a creative person who has an experimental mind regarding home decoration, floral patterns might be the ideal option for you. Since you are trying to hand yourself a DIY project, you might be one of these people who like to experiment a bit.

Tips on How to Use Floral Patterns in Your Latest DIY Project 1

Commonly Seen Floral Patterns

The country kitchens used to have a lot of floral applications. Victorian styles utilize floral wallpaper on essentially everything there is inside a room. Currently, many retro spaces opt for artsy and funky floral prints. However, if you are someone who wants to go for a more modern look, it’s not like you have to forego floral entirely. Try to incorporate the floral designs in the most pristine areas.

Pick a nice texture

Picking a nice texture is crucial for finding a nice floral wallpaper for your space. Try to find a wallpaper that matches your room’s original texture. You can try putting your florals on a tufted headboard, one of those fringes around the edges pillow with a geometric vase. The thing with flower patterns is that they already carry a lot of texture and, as a result, work amazingly with pre-textured items.

The basics of matching various patterns

The Floral trend is all about patterns at its core. Since there is a diverse range of floral prints available, you have a plethora of options to choose from, which can sometimes be overburdening to some. The paradox of choice is what makes working with floral prints somewhat frustrating yet aspiring all the same. However, if you are going for a modern look, take on floral prints. There are two main options that you should select from. Either make it a statement look with a big, bold approach or go for smaller flowers making an accented look.

Find something that veers towards making an accent through the utilization of wallpapers. This works astoundingly well when you are taking a bold approach towards floral prints. These prints include closeups of detailed flowers that are usually bigger in size. Apply the wallpaper on a single wall and keep the rest of it uncovered. The pre-applied solid colors prevent the floral wallpapers from over dominating the other aspects inside the room.

The second option with smaller flowers is used to keep things more contemporary. You should, however, try and find somewhat abstract prints. Since older country homes had predominant floral prints with small flower designs, this will help you differentiate your design. You don’t need to overextend to the abstract design, even a little bit of abstraction will help you keep things modern and up to date.

Picking the Color

Picking a color is also detrimental when selecting the suitable floral wallpaper for a specific room. There are two main approaches that you can take. The first approach is bold and sassy, while the second approach is neutral and somewhat minimalistic.

The use of bold colors should be somewhat reduced to give it an accented role rather than a dominant one. Use it like you would an accent item. You can apply bold flowers to a wall in a room and leave the other walls exposed and neutral in their color. The combination of neutral colors and floral wallpapers will help impart a more up-to-date and contemporary sensibility to the room. Using bold floral prints in pillows and different in-home items helps spread the boldness of the colors.

The second option occupies the neutral option. The less dominating prints blend with the room easily and sometimes go unnoticed. Using a combination of bold colors and neutral colors brings the contrast that helps take decoration to the next level. The basic neutral choices are black and gray colors with patterns of lower contrast to the wallpaper’s background. Geometric shapes are the leading category in this option.

The Scale of the Print 

The scale implies the size of the print or the wallpaper compared to the size of the room or the place of application. When you are applying floral patterns to a room, the critical aspect is to think about the scale of the design, the print, and the wallpaper that is going to be in use in terms of space as a whole. Using wallpaper with a floral print or a bedspread, for instance, means the pattern is in use on a much larger scale than just a wall.

In this case, design the remaining parts of the room to have a clear look, clean, pristine, and the use of solid colors will help you create a balanced contrast. Using similar patterns on similar items inside the room can be a nice little touch. Also, good to mention that the use of smaller floral prints across different items can help you blend the whole decoration much easily.

Suppose you are attracted to the outside nature and have different decorations related to nature all around the house. In that case, removable botanical wallpaper can help you create a complementary design within the room or, even, the whole apartment.


DIY projects are rarely as easy as they first seem to be. For inspiration, take your sights to visit various home décor magazines and talk to people who undertook the same project that you are taking. It will serve as good inspiration and bring to light new ideas that you might not have considered yet. Don’t overdo the floral pattern but don’t be afraid to commit to a design either.

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