Rental decorating tips for a blue and blue guest room with daybed on Thou Swell

When it comes to rental homes and apartments, it’s not worth it (and often prohibited) to make permanent changes to your space. Luckily, there are some major tips and tricks that can help you personalize your apartment without breaking any rules – and hopefully not the bank either. Rental decorating is a challenge, but like any art form, challenge promotes creativity, and there are some pretty special ways to make your space your own that aren’t permanent. Both my parents live in rentals, but I’ve managed to find some great ways to decorate for them as well, without breaking the rules, over the years. In my article below, you’ll find some of my favorite tips for decorating your rental!


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  1. Franki wrote:

    Anything to personalize makes it feel like home!! Luv your suggestions! franki

    Posted 6.24.17 Reply
  2. beth wrote:

    Always learning new things here…like the backsplash tiles! Question about command hooks though…I used them in my dining room to hang a smaller painting. Humidity the culprit? Picture fell, plus pulled paint off!

    Posted 6.19.17 Reply
    • Hi Beth – I’m sorry to hear that! They can definitely be tricky and in my experience, I always use many more than needed incase they don’t stick well. I’m sure the humidity certainly wouldn’t help though…

      Posted 6.20.17 Reply

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