Types of Items That Can’t be Moved During a Relocation

Types of Items That Can’t be Moved During a Relocation 1

If you are planning to move, there are some tasks you need to do prior to the moving day for sure. Packing your precious belongings is one of the crucial steps you take. Hiring a responsible moving company to hand over your belongings is another one. The best moving companies and hire the right ones to hire as they are liable to place your items at the new destination safely. 

While doing all these, you have to keep some important things in mind. First, not all materials are easy to move. Different items require different packing. Some of them are easily movable, and some of them need extra effort and care. Beyond that, some items are not movable or not recommended to load for moving for various reasons. Let’s discuss the items you cannot load into your moving truck!

Hazardous Ones

Hazardous items are somewhat risky to keep anywhere. When it comes to packing and moving, the risk is naturally more. For safety purposes, professional movers maintain a list of hazardous items that they don’t move. The items might result in disastrous outcomes. 

Things like nail polish remover, lighter, flea powder, fireworks, batteries, ammunition, bleach, ammonia, air freshener, carpet cleaner fall into this category. Hazardous items cause misery, even sometimes in the household itself. Moving them in a truck along with other items is never a safe idea. It can be as little as a matchbox and as big as a gas oven. All sorts of chemical products are strictly prohibited. Items like paints, oxygen bottles, cleaning agents, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, aerosol cans, etc., are some hazardous items you better leave at the place you are leaving. 


Plants are the lively ones not suitable for moving with other loaded items in a truck. There are rules concerning specific indoor plants that can or cannot cross over a state line. It has to do with the flora and fauna of a specific geographic region. Also, some plants might not survive the climate & weather changes of a different state. There is no point in taking them into an environment where they might not go well. 

In addition to that, most movers don’t want to transport plants in fear that pests living in the soil can easily spill into moving van. There is always a risk associated with it. Especially, if it is a long-distance move. Plants require sunlight and water. They don’t get it sufficient into a moving track. So, it is a better idea to give away plants to your old neighbors. You can sell them off at the local nursery or to people who are fond of gardening. 

Paper Items

Paper documents such as results, office files, important documents, certificates, I-cards, Bank cheque books, Passbooks, Passports, Photographs, printed pictures are some of the essential items you possess for a lifetime. They are the proof of your belongings. Hence, they are immensely important without a doubt. You need to be extra conscious while moving these documents and better not pack them with all other items.

Papers are vulnerable materials. You can’t really help them if once harmed. There is no other way than to have a new copy. That, too, is not easy. It will be a tedious task to have a fresh copy of your academic or professional paper files. Little-sized documents like i-card are prone to be lost. It would be wise if you take paper items along with you and pack them separately. 

Perishable Food 

Perishable or any food items other than dry ones are better not be packed in a moving van with other belongings. Liquid foods, drinks, dishes of gravy and curry are problematic to carry. In case of leakage, they ruin other things around. The roads a moving truck crosses are not always smooth. There is a high chance of mess when it passes through an uneven road. 

Additionally, in a long-distance move where the movement takes more time, foods don’t stay fresh and edible for a long time. In a moving truck, there is no facility for keeping food in the fridge. The temperature in the truck is certainly not ideal for keeping your food item fresh! It is a better idea to donate them to people rather than lugging them with other belongings. 

Some More Things to Know

Your pet is a part of your family. However, most of the families treat them well with utmost love. So, they hardly think of sending their pets in a moving car. But, if it’s a dog, cat it ought to travel with its human parents. There is no doubt. Consider the same when your pets are tiny birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats. You can make special arrangements for your pets, and always consider taking them along with you. No pet should be left alone in a moving truck or anywhere else. 


So, this is a brief discussion on the items that cannot be moved in a truck. We hope this article gives you a clear idea of the above topic. If this serves the needed information you look for, our purpose of writing is fulfilled. Keep visiting for more such updates. We wish you a safe move!