5 Exciting Interior Design Trends to Follow in Spring

Spring is all about feeling free, light, and close to nature. If you have been down during the winter, a home remodeling project may help you boost your mood fast. After all, when your place is welcoming and cozy, you immediately start feeling better. And the process itself can be exciting, too.

New colors, textures, and architectural solutions can freshen up the place and make it look lighter and more spacious. In this article, we’ve collected the best interior design trends for your spring remodel. Read on, and let the spring in.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors in your interior will soften the space and help you stay in a positive mood all the time. According to experts from Beesley & Fildes, it’s an excellent alternative to classic whites and beiges that can often make the room too cold. Pastel pinks are at the peak of popularity today, as they add a soft touch to the room. Also, pastel greens and blues will bring tranquility into your life and help you concentrate.

If you want to add a color accent to your room, feel free to do so, but consider staying in the same color palette. Sea green or burned orange will transport your mind to a rustic European climate, and they’ll perform great when combined with pastel colors.


Sustainable living is getting more and more popular every year, and it’s not going anywhere in the nearest future. This means that natural materials are on the verge of popularity. If you’re going shopping, choose items made from glass, wood, wicker, or clay – they look subtle yet sophisticated, and they can add a statement to your house. 

Recycled materials are also in demand. If you want to contribute to ethical sourcing, purchase items made from recycled plastic or textile. Durable materials, such as velvet or linen, are also trending today, especially when it comes to upholstery. They’re easy to clean, and they can look splendid. If you want to brighten the room up, look for embroidered items and patterned fabrics.

Integrated Living Spaces

Today it’s a necessity to move freely between different zones in your home. Whether you’re working remotely or not, going quickly from kitchen to living room can save you time and energy. Consider creating an integrated living space in your home – to put simply, it’s a living area that incorporates a kitchen, an office, or a fitness room.

If that’s a solution you’ve been looking for, you don’t need to break down the walls – just get creative. Make a place for a sofa in the kitchen, and decorate it in a cozy way, or organize a “working corner” by the window. If you need to introduce more fitness into your life, integrate your living room with a work-out space, or assemble a home gym in the basement.

Mixing Styles

If you want to create a comfortable yet chic environment at home, don’t hesitate to mix styles. Layer old and new; incorporate traditional settings with a modern twist; keep a sense of history in your house, but make it stylish.

Get inspired by a booming country chic stylea relaxed decor that combines rustic with elegance. Unlike the farmhouse style, this one prefers warm wood tones, and mixes vintage with modern. 


This spring, the key rule is to make your home feel elegant yet simple. If you overdo it with patterns, colors, or items, the whole place will get cluttered – and this may not feel very comfortable. To stay relaxed at home, go for simple, even minimalistic (but not too much) designs to free the place and your mind.

Many of us need to calm down and regenerate in times of pandemic, and simple interior design may help with that. Declutter the room, let the light in, add a few flowers to have a green accent and fresher air. Whatever you do, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed inside.

A Final Note

2021 spring home trends are all about making you feel free and relaxed. Everyone has to deal with the pandemic-related issues, such as wearing masks or working remotely, and it can be challenging to unwind even at home. However, your house should be your safe haven, and if it’s not, it’s high time to start remodeling.

Change the colors to something softer, like pastel pink or green. Find sustainable materials that will bring you closer to nature. Look for embroidered and patterned items to add a stylish vibe to your place. Consider integrating your living areas to stay comfortable inside. And don’t hesitate to experiment with styles when looking for something perfect and unique.

Whatever you do, ensure the place feels comfortable all the time. Make the house your sanctuary, where you can focus on yourself. Welcome the spring into your home, and feel better.

(Beata Hardzei)

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