5 Kitchen-Remodelling Survival Tips for Homes with Kids

A full kitchen remodel is already a tall order, and it gets even more tricky when you add kids to the equation. But it is possible to survive a kitchen renovation no matter how young your children are.

Some planning and preparedness go a long way in making your kitchen remodel project easy and safe. Here are five tips to keep in mind for surviving your kitchen renovation in the presence of kids.

Set up a temporary kid-friendly kitchen

Before your kitchen remodel project kicks off, it’s a good idea to assign a spare room in your home as a temporary toddler-proof kitchen. This could be your basement, laundry room, or garage, anything that has a utility sink can work well.

In essence, you want a space where you can cook basic meals using basic appliances like a microwave, toaster, kettle, etc. Plus, consider the type of plates, cups, and utensils you’ll be using.

5 Kitchen-Remodelling Survival Tips for Homes with Kids 1

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If you plan to continue using non-disposable items, see to it that you have an easy way to do dishes, like a bathtub or a hose with a dishpan. And even if you’re only going to be using disposable items, try to have a convenient way to wash up because, with kids, you never know when you might need to clean something.

Next, think about an arrangement that makes for a toddler-proof kitchen. Some kitchen cabinets with a couple of shelves could serve as a nice little kitchen, but keep in mind what stuff is okay to be within your kids’ reach and what needs to be kept out of reach.

Have safety gates for kids

If you have toddlers, then this one is a must. A kitchen renovation could involve dangerous, toxic, or heavy equipment that’s best kept away from kids.

Besides the kitchen, you may need to install additional gates to ensure full safety. For example, the contractors may tend to keep the front door open while they unload deliveries. If so, you must secure a gate by the front door too, otherwise, your toddler could end up on the street while you’re focused on the remodel.

Try to prepare simple and creative meals

If you’re unable to create a temporary mini kitchen during the renovation, the thought of meal prep can be unnerving. A convenient way out — and one that you’ll likely favor — is to order take out or go for a drive-thru every evening.

But that’s not a great solution and will quickly become dreary. Instead, it’s better to brainstorm a list of easy meals that everyone enjoys. Check out Pinterest for some amazing recipes and creative ideas that can be easily prepared using a microwave or an inexpensive electric skillet.

You can also ask friends or family if they’re up for a meal or two at their place. Once your new kitchen is ready to rumble, you can return the favor by inviting them over for dinner.

Get away from the chaos whenever possible

Planning time away from the renovation is essential, especially when you have kids. If your kids are holed up all day, don’t be surprised if they get extra cranky.

So, it’s a good idea to take a breather from all the bustle as much as you can. For example, you can go to the park or the mall for a family outing, visit a friend/relative, or even hang out at your neighbor’s home.

If possible, plan the renovation during warmer weather so you’ll have more opportunities for fun outdoor activities, such as a garden barbeque or beachside picnic lunch.

5 Kitchen-Remodelling Survival Tips for Homes with Kids 2

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Not to mention getting out of the house helps to escape the dust, noise, and harmful fumes that could potentially cause breathing problems for you and your children.

Keep the end result in mind

The average kitchen remodel project takes at least three to four weeks. It’ll often become overwhelming, but stay patient, be flexible, and don’t forget the outcome.

Everything may look messy and chaotic now but the end result is an attractive and fully-functioning kitchen space that you and your family would love to spend time cooking, eating, and hang out in.

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