A Californian Home Design Embracing Modern Interiors

Do you love the idea of an approachable home that gives the comfortableness of personal and pulled together? California Modern interior designs are all about it.

With an easygoing style embarked in the home of California, it embraces a welcoming, calming, and personal tone. A style subset features rustic and organic beauty and has a mark of modern elements, designed with an eclectic edge. Here, California penchants its personal touch, adding the style that makes you feel relaxed, with a collection of bold pieces of vintage designs creates a bohemian vibe in their home. With unique elements combined with comfortable mainstream pieces just like a piece of the streamlined sofa, popped against bright walls, light, airy for a refined look.

Living Room

This interior of the living space is pulled out with soft beachy blues laid back, welcoming the mix of wood tones and a coastal-inspired palette to give natural light to create a soft and airy space through which you can see the rustic shine. This look is grounded in neutral tones with an earthy environment, reminiscent of the Pacific coast’s appealing raw woods.  The room’s interior is showcased with a neutral texture decorated with California touched plants like the Cacti desert and the wooden surfboard. 

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Dining Room 

The modern art of California comes in furniture shapes in the dining room, adding some specific decorative elements. However, this is eclectic, less sterile, using organic shapes of European mid-century vintage and sculpted elements throughout. People decorate dining rooms in California with bold punches of color but adding some drops of saturated punches on the accent pieces seems visually contrasting. 

You can place a simple raw wood table to contrast with a blue hugged rug and wishbone chairs on the left. You can place a simple texture with the wooden pendant and chairs in the room on the right. Walls are painted in white color and a statement chandelier to add brightness and life to a modern California Home.

Bed Room

Beds with light raw woods with a dyed jute rug endow a natural look in California’s Bedroom. The simple lines of wooden furniture pieces from the California furniture hub make the entire room clean and modern, accented against the bedding and the white painted walls. Moreover, pops of blue on the wall is inspired by the nearby Pacific Ocean. The Bohemian style pillows give a soothing effect against the modern lightning, and walnut furniture is eclectic.

Modern Entryway

California entryways are quite simple and have been kept a little warm and welcoming. The rustic console displays some of the unique objects, sets the tone of modern spin of a comfortable home for the inhabitants to live in, and gives a warm welcome to its gate. A simple decor clay vase and the mod shape of the bowl, along with the etched lamp, you can collect during travels or from the California market.


If you have fallen in love with the modern interior design in California homes, then house this unique flair of furniture and decorative items to give a touch of California ethnic style to your home. A pop of greenery and foliage inserts some color into space.