How Do Probiotics Improve My Skin?

How Do Probiotics Improve My Skin? 1

Since it’s not known to anyone that poor and good bacteria exist, probiotics are among the positive groups which lead to a balanced digestive system. Did you know that a good amount of probiotics can help keep your skin healthy? As well as reduce acne scarring?

Permanent acne scars can develop unexpectedly. This happens as the dermis heals in such a way that the skin does not smooth out and look different as it used to due to our body’s normal healing mechanism. Scarring is typically induced by damage or wound, which is caused by inflamed lesions, including pustules or cysts. Acne can be challenging to deal with, but medical treatments are there to save the day. Fractional CO2 Laser Singapore is one of the well-known cosmetic treatments to help reduce acne scar appearance.

How exactly can probiotics help maintain the skin’s health? Read on to learn the positive effects of probiotics on the skin, where you can obtain probiotics and the treatment options for skin rejuvenation.

Positive Effects Of Probiotics

It is important for the body to work optimally to balance good and bad bacteria. Probiotics will restore the much-needed equilibrium by, for example, lowering the bad bacteria and restoring the healthy ones lost as a result of antibiotic use. 

The skin is an essential part of our body, an organ system that protects the body against injury. But how do the skin and gut contribute to each other? Well, they are regarded as detox organs. To help the body split food, absorb nutrients and most importantly, remove toxins, we need a balanced microbiome. If this internal environment is disturbed, chronic inflammation, acne and other skin conditions may be caused.

Probiotics help to improve the immune system of the body by its advantages against the digestive tract. Based on an article in the World Health, it was proven that they rejuvenate the skin, help cure scars and burns, and strengthen the body’s immune system. Probiotics have also shown to benefit from conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Where is Probiotics Present?

Probiotics can be easily obtained as they are present in a variety of foods. Kefi and miso are all-natural sources of food. Another way you can obtain probiotics is through taking supplements which you can acquire over-the-counter. Do keep in mind that you speak with your doctor before taking the said supplement as it may conflict with your current medications.

The human body is an extraordinary and complicated system. If something is wrong, it may take the form of skin problems. Although these alerts must be heeded and answered, care must be taken. Probiotics proved beneficial not only to our digestive tract but also to our skin.

What Are My Other Options For Skin Rejuvenation?

If your acne has subsided and you are left with scars, professional care can be your best option. Here are some standard treatments for acne scarring:


This is an operation to bump skin with depressed scars. Subcision is a simple and safe in-office operation for the treatment of acne scar. It can be effectively paired with other treatments for full effectiveness including laser, derma roller and scar revisions. Although the effectiveness of this treatment, it can be the least requested one as it involves a surgical procedure.

Chemical peels

Do you remember how we used salicylic creams to help exfoliate the skin? Think of it as an amplified version of chemical peels. Depending on the solution, a brand name like TCA Cross or a generic chemical peel may be offered. Chemical peeling is possible to be done at home but may not be advisable if you’re trying to treat severe acne scarring. Also, it would be best that you have a professional do the treatment for you to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment procedure.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure that utilises high-energy laser beams. This is used to strip the exterior skin layers and to heat the skin and regenerate it. The said treatment will most likely be the first treatment choice your dermatologist will recommend you. The reason for this is because laser treatment is said to be safer and less painful than other facial treatments.


This is similar to laser therapy, except for the use of microscopic isolated needles and radiofrequency instead of lasers. This leads the energy to unique locations. The brands Infini and Venus Viva are available under.

Importance of Immediate Acne Treatment

As soon as acne begins to develop, it should be treated immediately. Consult a doctor to evaluate the acne further if you do not want to go without checking drugs and other treatment strategies. Cystic acne may spread deeper into the skin, damaging the skin and developing into a scar. Natural home remedies and over-the-counter acne treatments can do nothing to get rid of those acne outbreaks. But by closely evaluating the acne, the medical doctor will give you an effective remedy to keep the acne from getting worse.

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