How to Choose the Right RV

Are you getting ready to buy your first RV? It can be difficult to know exactly what brand of RV to go for especially if you’re a first-timer. You’re smart to be looking for answers because you’re about to get them in this article.

Six Proven Ways to Choose the Right RV

Here’s what we recommend:

1. First, Focus on the Why.

Why are you getting this RV? It’s a million-dollar question because it can save you from a long list of troubles including “damn, I regret buying this camper.”

How much time do you hope to spend camping? Who will be driving and what kind of camper are they (and you) comfortable driving? Where are the places you hope to explore during your trips? Need special storage?

Find out EXACTLY why you’re doing this and how you want to use your RV. It’s the first basic information to arm yourself with.

2. You’ve Got to Experience One if You Haven’t Already

Renting an RV is crazy expensive, but this cost is nothing compared to how much it takes to buy one. You’ve got to spend this ‘little’ money to save the big money.

By experiencing an RV, you’ll get to see how it really feels and reinforce your desires to get one that serves specific needs and wants. There’s just no other way to do this than to get a feel for yourself.

3. Hear from the Horse’s Mouth

Walk up to RV owners (long-term owners are even more preferable) and ask reasonable questions. Ask your heart out.

Joining an RV owners group on Facebook can help you find out which RV can withstand tough weather conditions and which can’t. Nothing like having the horse himself speak, eh?

4. List Out the Features you Desire

Are you looking for tankless water heaters or solar panels that’ll help keep your camping alive without annoying power outages? The length/maneuverability of your RV is also important while making your choice because it’ll impact how easily you’ll be able to get it on the road at any point in time.

What tank sizes do you want, large or small? How easily do you want your RV to be winter-ready? These are important features and you should think about adding exactly what you want.

5. Choose the Best Brand within your Budget

Budgeting is oh so important. You know what you want and have a pretty good idea of how to find it. Good. Consider your purse too.

It’ll be great if you can spend below or just right on your budget because you know, your RV may become very uncool if after you buy it, you have a creditor hitting on your front door every morning.

6. Buy your RV and Go Live Your Life!

All decisions made? It’s time to buy your RV. Pay for your chosen brand and get ready to paint the town red! Oh, and by the way, whatever brand of RV you decide to go for, the Wagan 12 V cooler is a great choice for keeping stuff at the temperature you want on your trips. It’s a portable and efficient 2-in-1 cooler plus warmer. Keep drinks chilled/frozen and warm foods too. It’s the perfect appliance for the perfect trip!


Buying an RV will definitely impact your life differently, but you get to choose now if the impact will be positive or negative. By taking wise steps today, you can save yourself the frustration and pain that comes with buying a problematic RV. So, do right by yourself.

Author Bio:  Anne Barry is a freelance writer and editor at The Competent Writers’ Enterprise. You can catch her forever drawing inspiration from nature and writing down her innumerable insights.