Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors 

Transforming your home interiors with a DIY Vegas flair means infusing your space with the sophistication and vibrant energy of the iconic city. By carefully selecting rich textures, bold color schemes, and strategic decor elements, you can recreate the opulent Vegas atmosphere in your own abode. 

This guide will unveil five key ways to channel the excitement and luxury of Las Vegas into your living quarters, ideal for those who crave a bit of the city’s renowned extravagance in their daily lives. Get set to give your home the Vegas treatment, ensuring every day feels like a walk down the Strip.

How Can You Transform Your Living Room Into a DIY Casino?

Transforming your living room into a DIY casino is about creating your very own haven—a luxurious space that captures the thrilling essence of Las Vegas. Here’s how to bring the excitement and style of the big city into your place:

Luxury lighting

Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors  1

First, you need to concentrate on some lighting in the house. We don’t want bright white LEDs that scream “new build;” we want the dim, yellow lighting used throughout Vegas’s hotspots. It’s a very impactful way to bring the bright lights of the big city to your space, and you control it so you never go overboard. 

You may have lusted over the concert venues in Las Vegas for their statement chandeliers and epic light sources — and in this case, why not find your editions? Scour the web for second-hand/vintage finds, and pump up your place with a concert hall feeling. 

Are you not invested in the full chandelier process? You can still buy statement lamps and wall lights with the same vibe. Either dot them throughout the space or go completely overboard—the choice is yours. 

Deep, dark hues

Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors  2

One of our favorite themes throughout Vegas is the dark, sexy hues that flood the most expensive resorts and restaurants. We all feel a sense of luxury when we go to these places, so it’s only right to bring it home—on a budget. 

Give your walls a splash of color in one room of choice, and choose daring designs and paintings to complement it. Mixed with DIY paneling, deep reds, purples, and golds can pair a lustrous affair with a modern twist. 


Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors  3

What’s one thing you think of when we say “luxury textures”? Velvet, of course! Velvet may have been everywhere over the last decade; it’s a big part of that “classic elegance” many of us are looking for, and it’s coming back with a vengeance. 

Why not switch up your entertaining room and pair some dark velvet hues with a bold feature wall color? This mimics some of the best cocktail bars while also making your home feel sumptuous and warm. 

If velvet isn’t your thing, other textiles, such as leather or metallics, also work wonders to bring Vegas to life. 

Finishing touches 

Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors  4

Even if you didn’t go OTT with the wall painting or furniture, you can still add some of the finer details to tie in your space. Vegas is renowned for displaying some of the world’s most expensive pieces of art throughout its history, and you can do this on a budget in your DIY style. 

Search high and low for antique paintings, art, or pottery, and place them on their pedestal in your entertaining space. Standout furniture is also a perfect choice if you’re trying to jazz up a simple room, so go all in with the finishing touches. 

We love body sculptures at the moment because they bring back fond memories. Make sure to place them in statement areas throughout the room, and don’t go too over the top. It is a feature, after all. 

An entertainment space

Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors  5

Have an entertainment space in your home? Then you’re one of the lucky ones! Recreating your slice of Vegas has never been easier when you have dedicated space to go absolutely wild on interiors. Keep your home plain and simple, yet pump up the entertainment space with all the details. 

Whether it’s a home bar area with gold taps and lavish finishings or cozy seating with beautiful velvets, your next girls’ night will be good! Remember, the higher the seating, the more likely your guests will stay and feel at their five-star hotel. 

It’s the best way to entertain and have fun. If you’ve got the decorating bug, why not check out some of our other top home upgrades, too?

By combining these elements, you can turn your living room into a DIY casino that’s not only a nod to the thrilling ambiance of Las Vegas but also a sophisticated space for hosting and enjoying on any occasion. Whether it’s a casual hangout or a glitzy gathering, you’ve got a living space ready for a little bit of Vegas-style fun.

How Can You Transform Your Living Room Into a DIY Casino?

Transforming your living room into a DIY casino is like hitting the jackpot in home design; it’s all about nailing that Vegas vibe right where you are. So, how do you do it?

  • Lighting: Swap out harsh lights for soft, yellow bulbs to recreate the warm ambiance of a Vegas lounge. A statement lamp or two can add that show-stopping glam.
  • Colors: Deck your walls in deep, rich hues like burgundy or navy for that velvet-rope vibe. A dash of gold can make the space feel even more luxurious.
  • Textures: Velvet furnishings are a straight flush for Vegas style. Not into velvet? Leather or metallics can also do the trick, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Accents: Artwork and unique decorative pieces can mirror the opulence of Vegas. Don’t forget a classy bar cart or a funky coffee table to round out the high-roller experience.
  • Entertainment Zone: If you’ve got the space, pimp out a corner with comfy seating and luxe details to create the ultimate chill-out spot that screams Vegas chic.

With these tips, you’re all in for a home makeover that’ll have you and your guests feeling like you’ve hit the Vegas jackpot, right in your living room.

How to Create a Glamorous Vegas-Style Party Area in Your Home?

Five ways to bring a DIY Vegas to your home interiors  6

To create a Vegas-style party area in your home:

  • Lighting: Use dimmable lights to create an exclusive lounge feel. A statement lamp or some chic string lights can work wonders.
  • Bold Furniture: Opt for stylish, modern furniture that’s also comfy—like a glossy bar table or luxe seating.
  • Rich Textures: Incorporate velvet or satin furnishings for a touch of Vegas luxury.
  • Decor: Go for the wow factor with metallic accents or a standout piece of art.
  • Bar Area: Set up a bar cart or small counter stocked with drinks and glasses for cocktail magic.
  • Games & Entertainment: Set up a card table for casino games or a karaoke machine for a Vegas show vibe.

With these key elements, you’ll transform your space into a glamorous, fun-filled spot that echoes the thrill of Vegas nights.


Bringing the dazzling essence of Las Vegas into your living spaces is about crafting an atmosphere that’s as thrilling and luxurious as the city itself. From the mood-setting luxury lighting to the rich textures and bold furnishings, each element coalesces to create a DIY Vegas-style interior right in your home. 

We’ve discussed transforming rooms into casino-esque areas and setting the stage for unforgettable home parties. Now it’s your turn to up the ante on your home decor. 

Start implementing these tips today and invite the spirit of Las Vegas into your home—a winning interior makeover is just a roll of the dice away.

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