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I’ve been favoriting handmade ceramics on Etsy for years now, and I realized that while I’ve shared my favorite Etsy lighting sources on TS, I’ve never shared the many fabulous ceramicists I’ve discovered on Etsy located around the world. I shared Atlanta-based Honeycomb Studio’s new tableware collection in January, but there are over 20 more shops below creating unique handmade pieces that are perfect for styling bookshelves, coffee tables, or for kitchen and dining use! Click through to shop my ceramic roundup.


See any one-of-a-kind pieces you love?


  1. Loving those bowls with the touches of blues. Very similar to what I have in my own kitchen.

    Posted 4.11.17
  2. I love ceramics with faces on them. Also loving the Honey Comb Studio metallic black tableware and the Liquorice Moon Studios moonshine mug 🙂 Beautiful picks! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Posted 4.11.17
  3. Littleblackdomicile wrote:

    You have such good instincts! I bet your photo fills are overloaded with ideas just waiting for the perfect project. Laurel Bledsoe

    Posted 4.15.17
    • Thank you Laurel! One of my favorite parts of blogging is finding new products to share!

      Posted 4.15.17
  4. Kathleen Conery wrote:

    I held off on reading this post until I had more time, because i just knew… whoops! There goes a couple hours down the Etsy rabbit hole! I love ceramic pieces… useful or decorative, serious and quirky… I choose all of them! You’ve shared some wonderful makers.

    Posted 4.30.17

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