Planning A Plumbing Makeover- Facts That You Need To Bear In Mind

Whether your bathroom needs some heavy-duty repairs or the kitchen requires a facelift, plumbing would be on the top of the to-do list. However, this isn’t something you can handle on your own, even if you are a DIY expert. A plumbing makeover would require extensive planning and some investment, particularly if there are some issues with the existing systems. Still, the investment would be worthwhile because it can add value to your living space. If you have a plumbing makeover in your mind, here are some facts that you should bear in mind.

Assess the condition of the existing plumbing

Old houses are most likely to have aging piping that shows physical signs of wear and tear over time. There could be other issues like leaking faucets and taps and moisture because of broken or cracked pipes. Investing in complete replacement is a good idea because it may save you time and money eventually. It is almost like doing things from scratch, which can get a bit complex in a place where the walls and floors are off and up.

Map out your existing plumbing

Apart from understanding the condition of the existing plumbing, you need to know where it runs. It actually decides the criteria of the makeover because you cannot possibly move the fixtures to a place where the pipes don’t reach. According to the experts at Franklin Plumber Geelong, moving fixtures is a complicated task as it requires modifications in the water lines and moving the drain lines to new locations. So you must have only experienced professionals doing it.

Seek a plan of action from professionals  

Once you are through with the assessment of the existing system, you need to call experts for seeking a plan of action for the project. Let them know your requirements and budget so that they can give you a realistic plan with costing and timelines. Additionally, they can handle the complex aspects of the job, right from getting accurate toilet placement measurements to deciding where the new fixtures would be. They would also look after the nitty-gritty such as ensuring correct drain size and ventilation of the drains so that there aren’t any chances of clogging in the future.

Look for a perfect blend of design and functionality

When it comes to a plumbing makeover, you would want a perfect blend of design and functionality. Remodeling is a great opportunity to recreate a part of your living space, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the basement. Let the plumbing contractor know the design specifications in terms of fixture placement so that they can align their tasks accordingly. Ensure that they work closely with the construction contractors so that you are able to achieve the dream design for your space.

Working with the right plumber gives you an advantage with the project as they can ensure the best results while giving you value for money with their services. They can even give you some better suggestions for the makeover because they actually understand what lies beneath the walls and floors.

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