Selling Your House? Top Hacks to Help!

When you have decided to list your home for sale, you sure want it to sell off fast. There could be myriad reasons why the selling clock does not click in due time. With Covid at hand and the market seeing so much competition, you need to spend time planning a sell-quick strategy. Understand what your buyers could potentially look out for. Plan an asking price and see what improvements you could bring to the property before putting it on the “for sale” list! These tips will ensure that you get to sell your house quickly!

Play with the Pricing

When putting out your home on the market, you might be expecting a quick deal. However, that might not happen all the time. Be patient and gear up to lower down the price point if the property does not fly off rack within a span of time.  Research up on market inventory details. Check up how the current scenarios for sales are in your area. Talk to recent sellers to understand what made them ace a good deal.

Hire a Reliable Real Estate Agent

  • A reliable way to close your sale on the property is by hiring the right real estate agent. Just planning to sell your house will not yield results. Having the right agent working around the same will make it work! Check the reputation of the agent via online testimonials or word-of-mouth reviews. An agent will arrange everything.
  • From getting a photographer/videographer for clicks/virtual tours on board to handling customer visits. You cannot handle everything from scheduling visits, arranging the same, and talking to buyers all at once. 
  • Understand what new requirements are in place due to the pandemic. The right real estate agent will be able to handle the practical details without passing you any stress!

Clean up and remove Personal Touches

  • Your home is always close to heart. When you list it for sale, you have to consider it as “property” meant for someone else. Keep the premises clean and remove all your personal stuff. Declutter effectively. 
  • Arrange furniture and place lighting in ways that your home looks appealing to potential buyers. Keep stuff arranged to expose open spaces as much as possible. As per estimates from NAR or the National Association of Realtors, homes that look staged fly off the racks 88 percent faster than those that are non-staged.

Fix your Home

  • Invest some time in examining what bits and parts of the property need repair. Go ahead and repair faucets, fixtures, woodwork, and even that wine stain on the carpet. While these come under home inspection later, erasing the minor defects early on makes a lasting impression on potential buyers. 
  • Make sure you do away with mildew, spotting, and poor paint if any, on your property before putting an open house sign.

Offer something Extra

  • It is easier to sell your home quickly when you offer a little extra something besides a competitive price. Some owners choose to pay a part or all of the closing cost after a deal on the property closes. 
  • You might also offer a home warranty that is transferable. This will offer discounts on all costs for repair-related services. Such steps make buyers feel at ease and drive home the message that they have made the right choice.


Putting out property for sale brings in a lot of responsibility and stress. You might also feel impatient when it just does not move out of the list. However, a few clever hacks will not only speed up the processes involved but also put you at ease. Make sure the first impression of your house on sale is good. Often that alone turns out to be the last impression!