Specifications of a unique Glass that serve best as fire-protection

A lot of people tend to think of glass as a fragile or flimsy material. It cracks, it breaks, and it shatters, right? Even safety glass that can resist a huge impact will melt and crumble when exposed to flames. With that said, fire-resistant glass can be very effective at protecting from smoke, heat, and flames. 

 In this article, we will explore the specifications of a unique glass that serves well as fire protection. So read along to learn more about fire-rated glass.

Which type of glass serves well as fire-resistant? 

Imagine renovating your living room with a completely modern aesthetic. You got the couch, you got the coffee table, the decoration items, the rug, and so on. Everything is in order. Except for one crucial detail that looks dramatically out of place, and that is your old fireplace. You’ve thought of every tiny element and decor feature. Yet you can’t figure out how to make the old raggedy fireplace glass fit in with the sleep and elegant interior. 

Whichever way you think of it, you simply can’t imagine how to elevate that chimney to a more contemporary look. On one hand, you can’t leave it exposed due to the draught and smoke. On the other hand, closing it off with iron or metal will completely ruin the atmosphere. Especially considering how hard you’ve worked to make everything flow and look more modern. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to tear your entire chimney down or get rid of it altogether. The fire-resistant glass will solve all of your problems. It will fit in flawlessly with the contemporary interior. Not just that, it also won’t take away from the beauty of the glass fireplace. 

The transparency of the glass combined with its fire resistance will provide you with functionality, safety, and timeless elegance. Moreover, this type of glass is specifically designed to reduce the spread of smoke and fire. So it’s not solely designed for fireplace usage but as a preventative measure too across all glass surfaces.

Properties of Fire-rated Glass

Fire-rated glass can last as long as two hours, which is very comparable to some fire doors. Similar to fire doors, it has different properties based on where it’s intended to be used and for what purpose. It’s worth mentioning that there are two main types of fire glass: fire protective, and fire-resistive. 

Fire protective is usually glazing on top of the glass, which helps slow down smoke and flames. On the other hand, fire-resistive glass often comprises several laminated panels that also help block heat from spreading. This type of glass usually has great color rendition and excellent light transmission. 

In addition to that, it can better withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature. It also has durability, especially against aggressive climates and harsh chemical solutions. Fire-rated glass can even be screen printed or sandblasted and that won’t take away from its performance.

Types of Fire-rated Glass

  • Polished Wired Glass 

This used to be the most popular choice for fire safety glass in the market. This type of glass has managed to pass the hose stream test. Not only that but it has also earned a 45-minute rating. While this is a good choice fire resistance-wise, this glass is not that reliable in terms of impact. Since it only has a 100ft/lb impact standard, it’s not ideal for installation in areas where safety is a concern. 

  • Ceramic Glass 

Ceramic glass is fire-resistance glazing that has entered the market in the last couple of decades. It has an amazing ability to endure heat as well as thermal shock. In the modern market, you can find ceramic glass in all kinds of appliances. Whether it be stovetops or car engines, ceramic glass can go as long as 3 hours of fire rating. In addition to that, it also has high impact resistance and great sound reduction.

  • Specially Tempered Glass

This type of fire glass offers a great alternative to low-level fire safety. Specially tempered glass is clear and doesn’t have any embedded wires. In addition to that, it’s very sturdy against impact which makes it perfect for door applications. However, unlike other types of anti-fire glass, this one doesn’t pass the hose stream test. The rating is also a bit low compared to its counterparts and comes up to a total of 20 minutes. So if sprinklers are anywhere near the glass while it’s hot, it will shatter instantly. 

  • Transparent Wall Units

While these classify as ‘walls’, transparent wall units are entirely made of glass. The type of glass in use here has an impressive performance. Not only can it block flames and smoke but it also prevents heat from escaping. For instance, there could be a fire in the room next to you. If you were to place your hand on the other side of the glass wall, you wouldn’t feel the heat. This is how reliable this type of glass is. 

Top Applications of Fire-resistant Glass

  • Fireplaces and chimneys
  • Building facades
  • Skylights and roof lights
  • Roof flooring
  • Doors
  • Partition walls
  • Elevator glazing
  • Smokescreen

Where to buy top-quality glass to serve as fire protection?

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