5 Ways to Further Enhance Your Interior Design Skills

Like any other creative field, it takes a lot of passion and genuine interest to succeed as an interior designer. Not many people have the vision to look at an empty space – or wall in this case – and picture the beautiful designs that may come of it.

However, trendy designs come and go, and what the general market viewed as appealing five years ago may not be in demand currently. Ergo, achieving success as an interior designer requires you to stay on top of the latest designs, skills, and tools while leveraging your years of experience.

1.Pursue a Degree or Online Refresher Course

Maybe you didn’t complete your degree or would like to do a few online courses to refresh your skills? Regardless, investing in education is one of the best ways of enhancing your skills, especially if you have been on hiatus.

But what exactly should you pursue? You don’t need a masters in construction management to be a successful interior designer, but it doesn’t hurt. There are other programs to consider as well. When searching for classes, prioritize the most up-to-date courses integrating interior design with the industry’s latest technology. Also, go for reputable institutions with a proven track record of relevance and successful graduates.

2.Build Your Brand

Besides economies of scale, one of the critical distinctions between big agencies and freelance workers/small businesses is branding. Unfortunately, many small establishments do not pay enough attention to creating a recognizable brand, ultimately limiting their ability to draw potential clients and retain existing customers.

Consider shifting the focal point of your interior design services from your name to a company name. Marketing your services as a company rather than as an individual makes your business come across as professional. This relatively simple transition may attract more clients, further adding to your experience and skills overall.

3.Subscribe to a Design Blog or Newsletter

Time and countless professionals have proven that the only way to become proficient at any skill is via total immersion, practice, and patience. While you may already spend many hours honing your craft, you can shorten your learning curve and accelerate your progress significantly by drawing inspiration from other successful interior designers.

Consider subscribing to blogs and newsletters, and read as many books and magazines as you can to immerse yourself in the world of interior design. The more your eyes become accustomed to seeing great designs, the better your chances of picking up excellent ideas and implementing them in your work.

4.Ask for Constructive Feedback

Asking for genuine critiques is by far the most humbling yet effective ways of improving as an interior designer. Like other works of art, interior design is very subjective, and even the most proficient designers tend to have blind spots that they overlook. Although accepting criticism is not easy, you may never discover the blind spots in your work until you ask for constructive feedback from critiques.

5.Join or Create a Support Group

Support groups are the ultimate discussion forums for designers to meet, share their experiences, and exchange ideas. Consider joining a support group near you or create one if none exists.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an agency owner who creates designs for big brands or a self-taught designer trying to get some skin in the game, interior design requires severe practice and dedication to stay relevant. With the help of these five resources and actions, you can always sharpen your skills and stay one step ahead of the competition.