7 Tips for a Modern Southern Style Home

7 Tips for a Modern Southern Style Home 1

In recent years, modern interior design has exploded in popularity. Everywhere you look, you’ll see elements of this distinct style. It can adapt and fit in with almost every design type; business, commercial, or residential.

Modern design especially fits into a southern-style home. The combination makes for a beautiful, comfortable space that is appealing to any eye. It’s the perfect opportunity to be on-trend but still have the space feel like you and not too sterile. When you see it done right, it makes perfect sense why this style has become so popular.

Nailing this style is easy when you include certain hallmark pieces. Read on for our top seven tips for creating a modern soother style home.

1. Add Greenery

A true hallmark of both modern and southern styles is greenery and house plants. These bring in that earthy element that makes the whole space feel more grounded and homey.

There are a lot of ways you can bring this green element into your home. No matter what your lifestyle, gardening skill level, or natural light in the space, there’s an option for you to have house plants throughout your spaces. You can choose from real or realistic faux plants of all different shapes and sizes.

The key is to be strategic in where you place your plants to give them the most impact. They should be used to create that contrast of the harder, more man-made elements to get the full effect.

2. Keep it Simple

True modern design is known for its clean lines and simple spaces. There’s not a lot of extra stuff going on in these rooms, which makes each piece feel intentional and special.

This is also true for good southern decor as well. Southern homes often have the added benefit of extraordinary surroundings, which can easily be highlighted by not distracting the eye with too much stuff. Good modern design focuses on a few great pieces instead of a lot of semi-good products.

If you’re not ready to go fully modern in your southern living home, you can just add a touch by keeping the overall feel simple even if the individual pieces lean more towards a different style.

3. Fresh Accessories

The very easiest way to change up the feel or look of a room is to change up the accessories. These little additions (or subtractions) make a big impact and often cost very little. They also don’t take a lot of effort to change (no DIY or demo involved here), which is a huge added bonus.

One of the best styling pieces to switch up is bedding. The right bedding can completely change a room, especially if it’s high-quality, like Vision Bedding.

You can take your room from the college dorm to the hotel suite with just a new comforter and some pillows. Can’t beat that!

4. Bring the Drama

The problem with creating a modern space is that sometimes we tend to go too simplistic and it feels boring. To prevent this make sure to add in some drama when you’re creating your southern-style home plans.

That drama usually comes in a focal point somewhere in the space; an accent wall, unique fireplace, or special tile.

Adding in this kind of special spot is the perfect way to infuse your own personality into the space regardless of what style that fits under. Choose something you really love that you’ll want to look at for years to come and go for it! This is the time to have fun!

5. Manageable Surfaces

Another issue that some homeowners run into when they’re going for that modern southern decor with simple lines and spaces is that their pieces begin to look worn out much quicker.

When there are limited pieces, they’ll obviously get used more often than if there were a lot of options. Things will naturally start to look dingier and more worn-in. It’s also harder to hide those imperfections because there’s not as much that can act as a distraction throughout the room.

A way to make modern design more livable is to choose materials that are more manageable for real-life living. Don’t choose fabric or stone that require specific cleaning materials. Instead, go for surfaces that can easily be cleaned with typical cleaning techniques and solutions.

You’ll thank us later!

6. Moody Colors

A common misconception about modern design is that everything has to be monochromatic or black and white. But that simply isn’t true anymore, especially not in southern decor.

You can easily add any color into your space and keep it looking modern by keeping the palette simple with only a few colors. Also, go for muted or moody versions of your preferred color to keep it from feeling too child-like or cheesy. These tones will bring in the warmth but stay classic and enjoyable for years to come.

7. Mix it Up

While modern and southern design can seem like two opposing forces, they actually can work together wonderfully to create a seamless, beautiful home. The trick is to mix your newer modern pieces with your vintage southern pieces to strike the right balance.

In order to best find the balance, you should make sure each room has a little bit of both on the same scale. This means that not all of your furniture is traditional but your accessories are modern. Try a traditional table with modern chairs instead. When that contrast is done correctly it creates a unique perspective that’s very refreshing.

The key to developing a beautiful home is to take the time to find the right pieces that tell the story you want to tell.

Designing a Modern Southern Style Home

When you’re working on designing your home, you want it to reflect your personal style. This allows you to feel comfortable and enjoy being in the space for years to come.

Making a southern style home is all about bringing in a variety of curated pieces to create contrast while still being balanced to the eye.

If you’re interested in more ideas for designing your home, check out our other articles today!

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