8 Tips for Moving Into a Small Apartment

Ready to embark on the next chapter of your life by moving into a new small apartment? Have you picked your new forever home, counting the days until the big moving day?

Moving apartments doesn’t have to be so stressful. It all depends on how efficient you are and how well-planned the move is. 

Before you chip off the to-do list, here are some tips and tricks to give you a smooth and structured experience during the move. Let’s take a look!

1) Call Companies Ahead

Moving day means back-and-forths with utility companies and the moving guys. The worst thing you can do is to call them too late during the move, only for them to be fully booked or unavailable to help you during the big day. You can use sites like Muval to compare quotes of moving companies to help give you peace of mind.

It’s not only the pre-move period that you have to worry about. You’ll also have to call new schools to get your child’s documents in order, the utility companies at your new place, and other essential service providers to prepare your home. 

Cramming it at the end of your move is a recipe for disaster and would just be prolonging the stress of the move. So take initiative and plan into the future, ideally a month or few weeks in advance rather than the final days.

2) Use The Correct Boxes

When packing, pack big items like books in smaller, tight-fitting boxes. This is to prevent the risk of items breaking during transit. You can also fill in the free space with towels, paper, or clothing to improve the padding and balance. Pack lighter items in bigger boxes to maximize space effectiveness.

Another tip: If you have a mix of heavy and light items in a box, put the heavy ones at the bottom to let it act as the base. This is to prevent things from crushing under the weight, especially as the ride could be bumpy and dislodge items.

3) Purge Your Non-essentials

Over the years, you may have amassed a bunch of things that, although sentimental, may not find use in your new home. Do consider donating them to charity, selling them on a garage sale, or tossing them in the bin. This would help free up space for you to give your new home a complete makeover and a brand new slate. 

Plus, you’d be giving your stuff away to someone who’d treasure it as much as you once did. Win-win!

4) Categorize boxes by room

Pack a separate box for your bedroom and another one for your kitchen. This makes things easier to pack and unpack. If you’re willing to experiment, try to visualize how your new home would look and figure out which of your belongings would look good in its respective room. Then pack accordingly to make things easier to unpack.

5) Ask removalists and professionals to help

Removalists help lift boxes and the stress demanded from the physical aspect of the move. This can help you focus on more of the administrative duties like setting up phone calls with utility companies and securing the deal with the landlord. 

Plus, your items would be in the safe hands of professionals who can handle the whole shebang: from heavy-duty furniture removals to quality packing services. If you find yourself busy throughout the day, get a good removalist company to do the physical work for you.

6) Make a checklist

Moving entails a lot of juggling, and it’s not at all impossible to overlook some parts of the move that could escape your mind. To prevent this from happening, consider making a checklist to have everything laid out in front of you. This can help make the move more systematic, and it can also help you plan days ahead to ensure that everything is in order and not pushed back on the final days.

7) Don’t forget the outdoor space

While you may be focusing on moving the entire kitchen rack and bedrooms, the outside of your home can be just as crucial. Plan out and decorate your tiny apartment balcony or the small patio to make it look nice and relaxing. Generously splash the area with some potters and plants to create a calm oasis for you to retreat to or indulge a book in.

8) Have your important documents near you

Secure all your documents during your move. This is for your peace of mind, and it’s also to ensure that nothing gets destroyed or tampered with during the move. You can place these documents sealed tight in a carry-on bag on your car, for instance. The worst thing that could happen is your passport or contract getting lost from all the activity—adding another layer of stress for you to consider.