Graphic dining room in a Moroccan riad via @thouswellblog(via Elle Decor, photography by Richard Powers)

Riads have become quite a favorite concept for me, as I’ve shared one before on TS and find the idea of a home with an indoor courtyard in the heart of Marrakech quite appealing! This home is yet another stylish riad with interiors that bring a contemporary twist to the traditional Moroccan architecture. This home in particular is partial to bold, graphic accents in each room that offer both color and contrast to the soft edges and finish of the plaster walls. The dining room above is the most modern room by far, with a crisp half-painted wall, a grid of color-blocking prints, and sculptural side chairs at the table. In most rooms, Moroccan textiles allude to the home’s setting, such as the lumbar pillow on the banquette above. Click through to see the stunning interior courtyard!



Interior courtyard with a large fig tree in a Moroccan riad via @thouswellblog

Interior courtyards top the list of my dream house details. There’s something so ideal about a private, yet open-air room bordered by French doors and windows that let the rooms flow from indoor to out. This courtyard is centered around a large, dense fig tree and shows off much of the architectural detail of the home, such as the metalwork on the balconies and windows and the paneling on the large shutters. With such a private, comfortable patio I’m not sure I would spend much time indoors!

Graphic style in a Moroccan riad living room via @thouswellblog
Graphic style in the bedroom of a Moroccan riad via @thouswellblog

A bright red pop of color on the far wall brings a little energy to this serene bedroom, with neutral Moroccan fabrics and a floating built-in desk below the print. I can only image the view through the window opposite the bed gives a glimpse of the beautiful fig tree in the courtyard.

Banquette seating in a graphic style Moroccan riad via @thouswellblog
Modern roof deck outdoor seating in a Moroccan riad via @thouswellblog

I love the use of banquette seating that I’ve seen in many Moroccan interiors. The long seating areas allow lots of room for seating and they seem like they are perfect for afternoon naps as well… It seems the more Moroccan interiors I find, the more I fall in love with the riad lifestyle!

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