How to Effortlessly Keep Your House Clean on a Budget

There are two types of people in this world… “Germ-freaks” and “Messy-Makers”. If you’re the first one, good! But if you’re part of the second group this article may be the lifesaver you need to avoid certain awkward moments whether you have a late surprise visit or your roommate doesn’t go along with your cleaning routines!

How to Effortlessly Keep Your House Clean on a Budget 1

Cleaning your apartment can be really tricky and put up a lot of work. Due to these uncertain times we live in, staying indoors is the safest option! Your house can get real messy due to the amount of time you spend at home, and if you work from home an unpleasant environment can have a serious impact on your mental health.

So here are some quick tips to always maintain your house neat and fresh! Without getting a headache every time you pick up a broom.

Cook and Clean System

Most cooking lovers always hate the part that comes right after the “masterpiece” is done – washing the dishes. Instead of leaving the dishes in the sink, (waiting to be noticed), try to wash and organize them while you prepare your dinner. Also, while boiling greasy amounts of sauce, check if the stove has stains that can be quickly removed so they won’t be hard to clean later. Don’t forget to put everything away after use! It keeps the kitchen efficient and organized for other purposes.

Wipe the messes as soon as it happens!

The Bathroom

For most people, cleaning the bathroom can be really tricky. If you don’t pay attention it can be a real catastrophe! From toothpaste on the mirrors and sink to shampoo stains, wet floors, and hair all over the place, bathrooms are a serious war zone.

We use it regularly, so it’s easier to clean it once or twice a week than to wait for a bigger mess. However, most of the cleaning products have a lot of alcohol or lye contents that most users don’t tolerate. To avoid going out to a supermarket unnecessarily, there are certain natural DIY cleaners you can do yourself. Pick up a bowl and mix 2 cups of water with one-quarter of baking soda (two teaspoons), and three tablespoons of white vinegar, finishing with ten drops of essential oil and there you go! You have your bathroom smell like roses and clean from top to bottom.

Let the robots work!

Another simpler way to a cleaner apartment is trusting the work of DIY products that have become extremely popular nowadays. I’m talking about Robot Vacuum Cleaners, the latest purchase in the market. Silent, efficient, and “budget-friendly”, these little friends will transform your cleaning routines to a whole new level. Don’t be mistaken by their size. The power function can be equal or even stronger than the traditional models. Most of them come with certain features that can adapt to each environment, whether you have a lot of carpets or stricken edges, you can find which robot vacuum cleaner adapts for you, at affordable prices, and luckily for you the market is full of cheap robot vacuums. Just turn them on and let them do their job.

Get up and make the bed!

Believe it or not, the day can end a whole lot better if you come home and your bed is just right there waiting for you. It’s simple, it will save you time and it can give your bedroom a whole new appearance. Don’t forget to maintain your clothes organized so you can easily pick them and put them in the laundry. Fold your blankets and organize the clutter in their proper locations.

Be Exclusive and Efficient

Minimize what you owe! Having a habit of acquiring utilities can be difficult to maintain. Most of the stuff you owe contributes to the overall mess that fills your entire house. Too many baking accessories or even too many decors can be a real struggle when it comes to cleaning day. Get rid of things that you don’t use. Remember, less is more.

If you think this is too much to handle … you can always divide your cleaning routine into small, simpler, and daily tasks a day. For example:

  • Monday: Clean the bathroom and turn on the vacuum
  • Tuesday: Do the laundry
  • Wednesday: Mopping and living room cleansing
  • Thursday: Bedroom
  • Friday: Kitchen
  • Saturday: Organize decors and simpler tasks

Become a cleaning master…

As you can see it only requires a little bit of patience and a small amount of time a day to keep your house neat and tidy! Simpler tasks like put your shoes or clean dishes away, after they’re used can be a huge difference.

These little, simple tricks will help the slob transition to a 100% organized and efficient house maiden! Word of advice… it really helps if you turn on the music while you do your chores.

Stop scrolling and start wiping! 

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