Huge gallery wall above a floating staircase in Soho House Malibu on Thou Swell @thouswellblog(via Emily Henderson)

Some might argue that art is purely decorative – that its purpose in a room is all form and no function. I would argue that the function of art is vital to a room, and it is to bring the intrinsic sentiments of color, line, and shape to a space. Art is an experience, and a room cannot be felt without its presence. It’s a highly functional part of interior design that infuses the room with character and allows a more personal connection with our built environment. Just as a museum gallery does not function without its art, and our homes cannot fill their phenomenological roles without the presence of artwork, helping a room bridge representation and emotion. For all of these reasons, I feel strongly that beautiful art should be accessible to everyone, and luckily there are several amazing online art sources connecting artists from around the world to people like you and me who want to collect art that fills their home with joy. Find some of my favorite pieces from each source below!


Oversized black and white abstract artwork above console table and hide rug on bench in Manhattan apartment on Thou Swell @thouswellblog(via Thou Swell – Masterful Vignettes in Manhattan)

Dark blue library walls with gallery wall and velvet daybed on Thou Swell @thouswellblog(via Thou Swell – Tye Street Dining Room Plans)

Minimal white living room with cactus in New York City apartment tour on Thou Swell @thouswellblog(via Thou Swell – Artful New York City Apartment Tour)

Best Online Art Sources - 20x200

Yosemite Valley, Teach 4 Amerika, Wheat, Pennsylvania, Waiting, Three Ducklings, Untitled, Haute Couture

Best Online Art Sources - Art.comArt.com
Buffalo Grazing, Polperro, Audubon: Bluebirds, Max Roach, Nu Bleu IV, Rooms by the Sea

Best Online Art Sources - Artfully WallsArtfully Walls
Gathering, Abstract Head, Lemon Stripes, Pensive Llama, Kumquats and Freesia, Green Riad

Best Online Art Sources - ArtStarArtstar
Black with Large White Swirls, You Are Here, Prada Marfa, Dots 2.1, La Sorbonne Librairie, Kisses

Best Online Art Sources - Citizen AtelierCitizen Atelier
Winter White, The Calm Before the Storm, Ethos, Gray Palm no.1, Confetti Landscape #25

Best Online Art Sources - MintedMinted
Afterglow, Ballerup, Zuma Beach, Fonte Mourisca, And Then There Was You, Men in Red

Best Online Art Sources - Saatchi ArtSaatchi Art
Untilted #28, Rise Series #8, Crystal Ball 6, 17-0005, Pear, A Plein Air Painting

Best Online Art Sources - Serena & LilySerena & Lily
The Hollow Land, Moon Over Santa Monica, Lilac, Distill 13, Lapin Dottie Rabbit, Gaga

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