New Businesses in Atlanta

Atlanta has a thriving economy and it’s expanding. There are a lot of businesses relocating to Atlanta or starting there. While traditionally the economy of the city has been localized and family-run, now large businesses are using the city to lower their overhead and cost of living.

Everyone from tech companies to health care providers are relocating in Atlanta, and it doesn’t seem like it is slowing down. Last year the job market in Atlanta increased 2.9 percent. Job growth is expected to be 13.3 percent higher than the rest of the country. With a variety of businesses moving in or starting up, Atlanta’s economy should continue to thrive. Below are some of the types of businesses popping up in the city of Atlanta.

Tech Businesses

Not only are tech companies and start-ups founded in Atlanta, these businesses are relocating here as well. There are a wide variety of tech start-ups to look out for in 2021. Everything from privacy companies like OneTrust to the leading sales engagement platform SalesLoft are based in Atlanta.

Another company based in Atlanta is Nuracode, which is a tech company that creates solutions. It is a collective of African-American coders and developers who make code-based apps, software, digital marketing, and analytics. It has become a community of color in tech and startups while creating elegant and effective products.

While tech is a vague term, these companies are seeing Atlanta as an enticing option to relocate or start their business. Whether you are in social media, security, sales, or other in fin-tech, Atlanta provides a great space for technology companies to expand and grow.

Digital Health Companies

Other companies that use technology to sell their product or service are involved in healthcare. These digital companies help their clients manage their health by utilizing technology. The Atlanta company Sharecare offers the connection of information through evidence-based programs to facilitate the health and healthcare of their customers. This company helps providers and employers effectively scale the outcomes of health and wellness solutions. Digital health companies are moving and starting up in Atlanta. Whether it’s a health app or a healthcare public relations firm, Atlanta is a great place for a digital health company.

Food & Drink

Of course, Atlanta has always been a center for food and drink. There is no shortage of different types of food and unique places to get a cocktail or a craft beer. Atlanta is a perfect place for local businesses that make cultural foods, artisanal fine dining, and delicious drinks. Even despite the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other nightlife establishments are opening up in Atlanta.

Hotels & Hospitality Establishments

Since Atlanta has become such a destination for anyone who is into nightlife, fine food, music, and more, it is no surprise that hospitality establishments and hotels have continued to open in the city. The new Hyatt in Centennial Park is a beautiful hotel in downtown that is close to the Georgia Aquarium. It has an outdoor pool and a gym. Not only is it on Luckie Street, it’s surrounded by the Park District’s many restaurants and attractions.

Another hotel that has opened recently is the Candler. This 17th story high-rise was originally built in 1906 but has been recently transformed into a boutique hotel that serves fine French cuisine from the award-winning Chef Hugh Acheson. There is no doubt that you will love this hotel.

Atlanta has a lot of pull for all kinds of businesses. It is a great place for companies because the overhead and the standard of living are low. The city is a great environment for tech start-ups and hospitality businesses alike.

With the economy growing and appearing that it will continue, Atlanta will be an enticing option for businesses in a post-COVID-19 world. Many of the coastal cities are becoming untenable when it comes to taxes and regulations, but Atlanta remains a viable option. When you’re a business owner who wants to create the ideal environment for your company, where you choose to base your endeavor changes a lot of the details. It is no wonder that so many businesses are choosing Atlanta as the home of their company.