Tufted blue velvet sofa with jungle paintings and gold table lamp.

Project by: Kevin Francis Design

Welcome to any new readers! I’m Kevin, a high school student with a passion for interior design. I love mixing things up and combining styles to create interesting contrasts and collected layers. I hope you enjoy my One Room Challenge reveal!

Despite a last-minute scramble involving a day-of sofa delivery and planning my photo shoot amid AP exam studying, I’m ecstatic to share the final reveal of my One Room Challenge! Make sure you catch-up on my plans and progress in the post links above. Some of the major challenges with this space included dark brown walls and stained wood window and door casings, as well as the classic renter’s challenge of working with the landlord to approve changes. The change that was not approved was painting over the faux bois wall, which was the biggest compromise of the room. I looked into removable wallpaper, but the wall is pretty large and it would’ve been too expensive, so I hung white curtains instead (and I’m proud to say that I installed them all by myself!!). With paint on the walls and the faux-bois wall hidden, the space felt so different, and much much closer to the solarium feeling I wanted to create. Don’t forget to see the before picture!

The tile floors are pretty funky in this space so I continued the Mediterranean theme with some coastal influences and got pretty crazy with a zebra rug. I also had so much fun painting the panels above the sofa, and adding that green jungle element to the space. I’m thrilled to have started a partnership with Move Loot, who provided the Ficks Reed side chair and gold table lamps. They’ve got a great approach to local used furniture/decor sales and I highly recommend you see if they’re in your area. The final result is pretty eclectic, and definitely a bit louder than I usually lean but it’s fun and inviting and will definitely grow as the room is used more as the outdoor entertaining season commences. A big thank you to my dad for letting me decorate his room and to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing this challenge! You can find all of the products sources below, and don’t miss the rest of the link-up reveals here.

Bronze bunching tables with orange tulips and gold tray. Eclectic living room with blue velvet sofa, zebra rug, and bronze bunching tables. Modern side table and gold table lamp. Jaguar jungle paintings by Kevin O'Gara Mid-century brass side table with curved legs and moroccan pouf.


Tufted sofa, white side tables, gold table lamps (c/o), side chair (c/o), brass side table, zebra rug, round bunching tables, white armchair, bronze drum side table, moroccan pouf, Patterned pillow covers, Embroidered pillow


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  1. Whoa! You’re starting young! I’m betting we see you on HGTV in the near future : ) FANTASTIC job!

    Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  2. Sherry Hart wrote:

    Holy smokes…you are in high school???? NFW. Kapow. This room is so good….I am amazed at how you pulled this off by yourself! Great job!

    Posted 5.17.15 Reply
  3. Summer Hogan wrote:

    Kevin I’m blown away by this space! I’m dying over that rich sofa and all gold accessories and zebra rug work perfectly! Awesome job!

    Posted 5.15.15 Reply
  4. I LOVE that palette! and your art piece is fantastic!! You are very talented. xx.

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  5. Vel wrote:

    I can’t believe your only in HS?!!!! Fabulous job, I can’t wait to see more of your brilliance! Cheers for a job well done!

    Posted 5.13.15 Reply
  6. CallingitHome wrote:

    Kevin. Kevin. Kevin. You did a fantastic job. I love how you worked around things that could not be changed. Everyone can relate to that. You are still in HS?? That is amazing and impressive, as well. I hope your AP’s went well. Wonderful job. You should feel really proud.

    Posted 5.13.15 Reply
    • Thank you so much Linda for all of your support and compliments! I am so appreciative and am looking forward to joining in again!

      Posted 5.13.15 Reply
  7. Installing things solo, always makes the result that much better.

    The gold + blue motif is great, and the finished product is spot on!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    Posted 5.12.15 Reply
    • It was definitely super rewarding to see it all finished knowing that I’d installed it solo! Thanks so much Josh 🙂

      Posted 5.12.15 Reply
  8. Brenda A. wrote:

    LOVE this. I’m glad that you couldn’t paint the faux bois because I think the curtains are perfect for the space. I am drawn to your artwork (actually kind of coveting it…). Well done.

    Posted 5.12.15 Reply
    • Thank you, I’m starting to appreciate the texture the curtains add to the room as well! And I’m so glad you like the artwork!

      Posted 5.12.15 Reply
  9. Love the room Kevin! Amazing job 🙂 Such a feel-good space.

    Posted 5.12.15 Reply
  10. Erin Meyer wrote:

    What a transformation! I love how bright and fun this space is now! And the curtain was such a perfect solution. Great job!

    Posted 5.11.15 Reply
  11. Melissa Grieve wrote:

    Amazing job!!

    Posted 5.10.15 Reply
  12. Kevin, your room is fabulous! Love the exotic elements; from the Mexican tiles, your painting is amazing, to the zebra rug! Congrats!

    Posted 5.9.15 Reply
  13. Wow, very eclectic mix, but it all just works!! That couch is everything!! Great job!

    Posted 5.9.15 Reply
  14. Erin Burke wrote:

    This is gorgeous!

    Posted 5.9.15 Reply
  15. Karisa | Petite Modern Life wrote:

    Kevin this room is incredible. I’m in love with the lamps and tables.. Well everything really. The curtains were a genius idea to make a new wall space! You have such fun taste!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  16. Hi, Kevin! Your paintings turned out beautiful, as did the rest of the room. I love the sofa, and nice job hanging the curtains–great idea considering the limitations you were working with. I’m going to let my Atlanta friends and family know about Move Loot–very interesting concept!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  17. Brit -House Updated wrote:

    Kevin – this room is amazing, and the photography stunning too! So, so impressive (and a high school student to boot!). Just wonderful.

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  18. Anna wrote:

    This sofa is amazing! Beautiful room:)

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  19. Brittany Beck wrote:

    Kevin, this is just stunning! And WHAT A COUCH. Love all the patterns you brought in and the palette of blues! Lovely job!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  20. Traci Hutton wrote:

    So chic and elegant…well done!!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  21. Sabrina wrote:

    Kevin, you definitely have an eye for decorating. This is so beautiful!!! Way to go!!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  22. Cathy Heibein wrote:

    Amazing! Darn landlords eh? I think it was a blessing in disguise because the curtains look great. Well done, and good luck with exams!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  23. Delia Gibbs wrote:

    Wow Kevin…High School!? You are a designer in making. The space looks wonderful!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  24. astrollthrulife wrote:

    I absolutely love it all. The fabulous blue sofa and all the gold accents. Gorgeous fabrics too. Beautifully done.

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  25. So good Kev!! I LOVE the art! Next time you HAVE to be in the official list!!

    Posted 5.8.15 Reply
  26. Nice job Kevin! It is really vibrant and I love the colors.

    Posted 5.7.15 Reply
  27. Beth @ designPOST interiors wrote:

    Kevin talk about turning lemons into lemonade! I love the white curtains and I think they look better than even paint or wallpaper would have. Its a beautiful ethnic space!

    Posted 5.7.15 Reply