That Awkward In-Between Time

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve got some progress to share on my room refresh. For my more recent readers, I’m trying to create a lighter and fresher space in my bedroom, and I’m currently in the middle of clearing out the old and moving in the new. I actually won a Lief platform mattress from Modernica a couple months ago that I was able to use as a platform bed (but now I need new bedding), which I created out of two hollow-core doors on vintage railroad springs. I also moved out an old club chair and ottoman I had and got a new desk chair (Ghost Louis) and rug (Beni Ourain style). I’m liking how my room is looking so far, but there are a lot of details that need finishing off!

I’ve taken some candid (please pardon the lack of cohesion) pictures of the current state of my room, and I’ve annotated my plans for what’s left of the room refresh. The pictures speak for themselves!

That Awkward In-Between Time 1

That Awkward In-Between Time 2

That Awkward In-Between Time 3

That Awkward In-Between Time 4

One of my biggest challenges is working with what I’ve got (a lot of dark wood furniture like my desk and dresser) but still keeping my room bright. I’m wondering if I should do something interesting with the top of my dresser?

My fan/light situation is another challenge, because I’ve sort of exhausted my non-existent budget for this project (minus some frames and a desk lamp!)… The look I’d like to achieve is inspired by this wonderful post on Coco & Kelley – a simple modern light fixture backed by an ornate ceiling medallion. Kind of fab, right?

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