Currently Loving: Loaf

I stumbled upon Loaf this past week through Bright Bazaar’s weekend roundup, and I’m so glad I did! They have an amazing selection of simple and fresh furniture, decor, and linens, and I am surprised I had not found them before.

Currently Loving: Loaf 1

Coco Bed / Darcy Bed / Piper Bed

Loaf started out selling just bedroom furniture and linens as “The Sleep Room,” but then changed their name and started selling for other rooms in the house, but you can tell the bedroom is one of the store’s best categories. I especially love these Tumble linen cotton bed sheets!

Currently Loving: Loaf 2

Oscar Sofa / Bayonne Table / Scratch Desk

Their expansion to include furniture for the whole home has definitely proved successful. They have a great collection of lamps and lighting, and I also am really digging their desks (especially this zinc desktop)! Make sure to also check out their kitchen, hallway, and bathroom categories…

Are you in love yet? I can’t wait to see this store expand and evolve, and hopefully even ship to the US more easily!

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