The Meaningful Architecture & Design of Casinos

How the Canadian land-based casinos appear in design and other structural features, play a vital role in luring the players to play more. Is the design too dull to influence the players to play more slots, or is it a nice one that will make them yearn for more time even after depleting their stakes? All the questions are only answerable based on the design of the casinos.

Architects working on any upcoming land-based casino must be keen on designing both the interior and the exterior. Importantly, any casino’s interior matters most because the players spend more time on the inside than outside.

They must come up with interior colors that will be fascinating to the players. We linked up with one of our gaming experts Michelle Thomas (check her profile) to elaborate on casino architecture design guidelines:

The Meaningful Architecture & Design of Casinos 1

The design is meant to make the casinos attractive

We all understand that attraction is key. For instance, when you walk to a shop, you will only buy products that attract you. That’s the same principle in Canadian land-based and online casinos. When you walk to your nearest casino, you will realize there are specific rooms where the players spend most of their time.

They have reasons for doing that, and one of those obvious reasons is that the casinos are attractive. The truth is that those areas have an optimized interior that makes them feel comfortable in them. Comfort and peace of mind are what make the majority of Canadian casino players spend more time on such platforms.

Increases casino attendants’ productivity

Many will argue that good pay is what increases employee productivity in every organization. However, they forget that the working conditions alongside the working environment also influence them to work better.

That’s the same scenario at the casinos. Well-designed casinos influence employees to work best and also attend to the customers better. Such attendants are more productive and creative because of the fantastic working environment.

The first impression always matter

Business owners understand that the first impression is always what counts. Customers get delighted with impressive products. That makes them buy more products in the long-term. Casino architects also understand that casino architecture design guidelines are important. That’s why they are keen on how they design their casinos in the unique way possible.

Designs make the casino players feel wealthy

The interior of the casinos plays a vital role in influencing the spending habits of the casino players. Excellently designed casinos make the players believe that they are wealthy. That’s called casino design psychology. As a result, they end spending their stakes just to win more. It generates more revenue for the owners and the global economy as well.

Casino architecture revolution

Some Canadians will think that the fantastic Las Vegas casino design they have been seeing when they visit the land-based casinos was out of trial and error. But that’s not the case because it was a well-thought process before anything got actualized. In the past decades, casinos changed tremendously considering the continuous revolution it has been undergoing. But the concepts were originally from Bill Friedman.

He was a gambling addict for some time, which led to an impressive idea today. He always wanted to unravel why most players were staying longer at the casinos. Throughout his study, he realized the playground casino design was making the players love the casinos.

He used a grocery store as a good example. That the majority go to some grocery stores and leave others not because of quality but the design and other layout designs. That’s why casino design standards are key.

Some of the things that his design recommended include;

Having no clocks nor windows

According to Friedman’s theory, having a clock or window in the casinos would let the players know about the time, and that would distract them from gaming actively. It’s a natural law that humankind gets guided by time. Whenever we realize that we have wasted time, we tend to get distracted, and the needed concentration goes away.

The Meaningful Architecture & Design of Casinos 2

How about online casinos?

The modern online casinos in Canada and beyond have borrowed a lot from land-based casino designs. Such sites are designed in such a way that they keep players hooked to the platform. You will note that free slots are placed strategically at the homepage to attract players to keep on playing. The most profitable games to the casino are also placed in strategic places for the casino to generate more profits.