Why Pest Control Should Be On Your Home Renovation Checklist

Renovation is an essential aspect of maintaining your living space in top shape. You may want to invest in a project for repairs and improvement. A makeover to spruce up your living space could be another reason to go ahead. You may also do it for adding value to your property for a better resale value. Whatever the reason for renovating your place may be, it takes a lot of work to complete these projects.

Typically, a home renovation project covers the basics such as design, execution, and budgeting. However, you must also pay attention to the details like pest control. Although it sounds surprising, including a pest control plan in the project can provide a host of benefits and ensure value for your money. Here some reasons why you should take it seriously as a part of the project.

Increased risk due to decreased traffic

You may plan to renovate the entire living space or a part of it, and it will be vacant for some time. While workers may be around during the day, the place is often deserted once they leave. Lower human traffic in your living space increases the risk of insects and rodents entering and occupying the unmonitored areas. They can make homes in nooks and crevasses and come back as a massive infestation after the project is complete. So it makes sense to go the extra mile with pest control at this stage.

Open entryways give easy access to intruders

Renovation projects typically involve a lot of work, with contractors, designers, and construction workers accessing the property during operational hours. You can expect them to leave the doors and windows open as they move in and out and work on the site. Insects and rodents have easy entry through openings and gaps in the open areas. Larger ones can easily come in through open doors and windows. Not curbing them during the project can land you in big trouble once you move in after the makeover.

Excess waste serves as hiding opportunities

Upgrading and repairs result in a lot of waste on the renovation site. There will be leftover building materials as workers demolish the old construction and bring in raw material for fresh work. It is easy for pests to hide under the waste and clutter around the place. You can go through pest-help.com to learn more about spotting hidden culprits and getting rid of them. It is best to integrate pest control in your project so that you can clear out the lurking intruders along with the waste before closing the job.

Pest control at this stage is effective and economical

Another good reason why you must call professional exterminators during renovation is that the service is effective and economical at this stage. Experts will be able to inspect and access the vulnerable areas easily. Moreover, you can get pest treatment without drilling as work is already in progress. Chemical absorption into the flooring and walls is higher during renovation, so you can expect pests to stay away for a longer time.

Home renovation shouldn’t just be about improving the aesthetics of your living space. With the implementation of the right approach and measures during the project, you can also make your home pest-free for the long haul.

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