Family Fun: 9 Tips to Ensure Maximum Bean Bag Safety at All Times

Even the comfiest of furniture can pose dangers if misused. A soft and fluffy bean bag may appear easy to use and safe, but the truth is, they can be quite dangerous. In most cases, bean bags are very safe, and can even provide protection, but sometimes they are dangerous. Here are nine tips to ensure maximum safety when using a bean bag.

Get the Right Bean Bag Size

A bean bag can’t accommodate all sizes of people or pets. Depending on what you are planning to use the bean bag for, you will need to find the right size. Luckily, bean bags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so it should not be hard to find a bean bag that can accommodate your needs. You also have to be aware of who you have around the house. Small children can get badly hurt falling from a bean bag meant for the size of the average adult. If you plan to use the bean bag for a baby or small child, you need to get a smaller one that is lower to the ground. Some bean bags made for babies also come with straps. The straps are used to keep the baby in place, making sure the infant does not roll away or fall off. You can purchase bean bags from Comfy Sacks.

Bean bags can also be quite beneficial for infants. Babies with flat head syndrome benefit greatly from the softness and forgiveness of a bean bag. Since bean bags can bend in shape, they provide good support. You have to make sure that the bean bag is the right size if you plan to use it for a baby with flat head syndrome.

Choose a Good Manufacturer

You should perform some adequate research before purchasing a bean bag. When conducting your research, you need to ask important questions. Research multiple companies to find out which ones manufacture their bean bags with the best materials and fabrics. Having a well-built bean bag will help lower the risk of an injury occurring. Finding a company that responds to questions will help you to find the company that builds the best bean bags.

The best way to do your research is to look at previous customer reviews and go to the company’s online chat rooms. Online chat rooms allow you to ask questions and receive real-time replies. When companies respond fast, it is a good time that they care about their customers and want to produce the best bean bags possible. Looking at reviews will help you to know if previous customers were satisfied with their orders or if they were displeased. Good reviews mean that the company’s bean bags are made of high-quality materials. After thorough research, you should be able to find the best bean bag company that suits your needs.

Fire Safety

If you purchase a bean bag that is high in quality, it is probable that it is fire resistant. It is not just the fire that can be a safety hazard, there are other components as well. Most bean bags come without a zipper tag so that a child cannot easily open it up. The insides of the bag are sometimes dangerous, so it is preferable children do not inhale or consume it. If your bean bag comes with the zipper tag still intact, you should find some way to break it off. This ensures nobody will be exposed to potentially harmful materials.

When using a bean bag, you should never allow an open flame to get near it. Even if the bean bag is claimed to be fire-resistant, there is no 100%, so you should be extra careful when dealing with fire around a bean bag. If you are concerned about flames near your bean bag, you can reinforce them with more non-flammable materials. Materials such as polyester and nylon are good at resisting fire, and they are quite comfortable. Since these fabrics are high in density, they do not catch fire as easily.

Bean Bag Placement

Placing the bean bag in the right spot is crucial to limit the risk of injury. The biggest mistake someone can make is placing the bean bag somewhere high. This is because if somebody falls off the bean bag from a large height, the injuries caused could be quite severe. Make sure you place your bean bag somewhere safe where, if a fall occurs, the damages will not be severe.

The most optimal spot for a bean bag placement is on a carpet or other soft surface. A carpet or soft surface will act as a soft landing spot in case a fall does occur. Since carpet is soft, if someone falls, an injury will most likely not occur, and if it does, it will most likely be minor. A small fall, combined with a soft landing spot, almost guarantees for no injuries should a fall occur.

Choking Hazards

It is quite apparent you can not choke on an average size bean bag, but you can choke on what is inside. Bean bags are filled up with a plethora of little balls. These balls are just big enough to swallow, but can still get jammed in the throat. This is not only a concern for children who do not understand what they are eating but pets as well. Pets often are quite curious and don’t know what they are trying to consume. If a pet attempts to consume one of the little balls, it will most likely get jammed in their throat.

Most bean bag companies detach the zipper tab before supplying the product to the public. This makes it much harder for pets and children to unzip the bean bag. Although it can make it quite difficult to unzip it for adults, it is worth it for the protection of young ones. If you need to open the bean bag for some reason, there are tools that can be used to help get it open. Paper clips and thin string can be placed through the hole of the zipper, providing leverage to pull on.

The Filling Material

The filling inside the bean bag is made so that the bag is comfortable to sit on. Since it is balls that are inside the bean bag, then they can move around inside of the outer fabric. This allows for peak comfort. Since the balls can move around, the bean bag can maneuver and shift in shape. This means that when you sit on the bean bag, it will sink. That is what makes the bean bag comfortable.

Before you purchase a bean bag, you should find out what type of material is inside. Polyester beads are useful as they are light and easy to move. The downside is that they break down quickly, making the bean bag less comfortable. This can be an upside though since the beads are broken down, they are small enough to swallow and not get stuck in the throat. This bean bag material also does not have any harmful chemicals.

Outer and Inner Covers

Bean bags of high quality usually come with both outer and inner covers. Outer and inner covers ensure that the bean bag is extra strong and durable. This helps to make sure the bean bag does not rip. If the bean bag rips, the filling can fall out. If you have a filling that is easy to be choked on, make sure the bean bag will not break open. When the filling is all fallen out, it is of easy access for young ones and pets. In most cases, these covers are washable.

Washing the bean bag covers is crucial for health. If you let the covers get too dirty, they can be significant health concerns. Dirty covers can cause sickness or infection.

Child Proof

Childproofing your bean bags can help prevent injury and sickness. Childproofing bean bag consists of doing things like getting rid of the zipper tab and positioning it somewhere safe.

Recalls and Warranty

Before you purchase your bean bag, look online for recall notices. A recall is when manufacturers request that customers return products because the manufacturers find out there is something wrong with it. You want to ensure that the company you are purchasing the bean bag from has not had any recalls in their history. Once you realize that the company you are buying from has not had any recalls, you are good to buy your bean bag.

The final step to purchasing your bean bag and ensuring safety is buying a bean bag with a warranty. The company’s stand behind their product is demonstrated by the warranty. A warranty is the company’s promise to restore their product should anything happen to it. The warranty only lasts for a specific period of time.

There are several different ways to strengthen the safety of your bean bag. Although they are all simple tasks, they have a great impact.

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