New Landscapes

Changing Landscapes | Thou Swell

(photo by Yours Truly from Santa Fe, NM)

First, I’d like to apologize for my long silence. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes of Thou Swell! After the Bloglovin’ and Tumblr dispute, I lost a large part of the blog’s following which subsequently decreased my motivation to continue posting. After brainstorming some way to get around the block and a little bit of research, I decided to make the move to WordPress. I don’t know when Tumblr and Bloglovin’ will reach some sort of agreement that would remove the block, but I decided it was worth investing in a new blog host. The move will happen sometime at the end of this month, and after that you’ll see Thou Swell’s blog posts populate your Bloglovin’ feed once more! After tackling this hurtle, I had to start preparing for my semester in California – I’m writing this blog post from my new dorm at the Oxbow School, a semester long art-intensive program for Junior and Senior high-school students. It’s a big move and my first time being completely separated from my family, but luckily one of my good friends is attending with me which has softened the transition. I’ll be creating art all semester, and hopefully bringing some fresh new content to the blog along the way. Thanks for sticking with me while both me and my blog are making big moves!

New Landscapes 1

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