A clean, modern living room with steel frame windows looking out onto a lush terrace.

Nestled in a tall highrise on Manhattan is the small but sleek penthouse of designer Thomas Whealon. The apartment is surrounded by greenery, not from trees but from lush terraces filled with boxwoods, ivy, and magnolia that look out into the dense skyline. His apartment is the antithesis of the crowded cityscape, full of clean lines and neutral colors, and the green terraces buffer the city view, creating a peaceful, private abode. One of my favorite parts about this apartment are the windows – the steel frames create a rustic modern feel that bring in a warm industrial contrast to the room. 

A clean modern living room vignette, with a circular mirror.A sleek modern all-white kitchen in a New York City penthouse. A colorful modern living room with art and built-in bookshelves.

How about the color in the other half of his living room? I love the pops of color in the gallery wall and that blue mirror (something I’ve been craving!) with the warm wood in the dresser and modern armchair. On the other hand, the calm, muted palette of the bedroom is so soothing. If only we all had a fern in our windowsills!

A cozy, neutral bedroom looking out onto a lush terrace in a New York City penthouse. A lush green terrace with dining and garden in a New York City penthouse apartment.(via Elle Decor, photography by Joshua McHugh)

The terrace is absolutely dreamy. From the slate floor to the leafy green walls and wood-slat high backed bench, it looks like the perfect green escape!



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